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Talk of the Town: The Ground Breaking Suit Social Launch Suit It Up Manila Leading The Suit Culture Revolution in the Philippines!


The 21st of September 2019 marked the first ever Suit Social, an annual gathering of luxury suit enthusiasts with a cause by Suit it Up Manila, the leading modern luxury bespoke men’s wear brand in the country. Jumping off from Pitti Uomo in Florence, Italy and Suit Walk in Taipei, Taiwan, this time it was Manila’s turn to Suit Up and Party while giving back through Suit it Up Manila Cares - our advocacy which provides pre-loved suits and business attire to unemployed men and women for job interviews and/or work. The prestigious event was held at the Revel at the Palace no less with free flowing drinks from Suit it Up Manila in partnership with Heineken Philippines.

Heineken Philippines Blade Machine during Suit Social


Arjo Atayde is suited in luxury Vitale Barberis Canonico fabric from Italy by Suit It Up Manila

Christian Bautista is looking extremely dapper in a Holland and Sherry cloth from England by Suit It Up Manila.
Kat Ramnani is looking gorgeous in a Suit It Up Manila ensemble.

Pia Guanio in Vitale Barberis Canonico Italian fabric by Suit It Up Manila.
Steve Mago is wearing a Vitale Barberis Canonico Italian fabric by Suit It Up Manila.

Actor, Businessman and Producer, Bryan Revilla in Suit It Up Manila.

Suit It Up Manila COO Mr. Franco Ongkingco is wearing the Luna collection of Officine Paladino, Italy by Suit It Up Manila.

One news broadcaster, Daniela Laurel is all glammed up in a Suit Jacket by Suit It Up Manila.

Master photographer, Pat Dy arrives in a suit made from Dormeuil’s Luxury Cloth by Suit It Up Manila.
Artist and ultimate Videographer Jason Magbanua is wearing a Suit in Vitale Barberis Canonico Fabric from Italy by Suit It Up Manila.

Pam Quinones is wearing a suit ensemble by Suit It Up Manila.

Kiana Valenciano showing a pop of color in her Salmon Suit by Suit It Up Manila.

Tony Bueno, our dashing debonair host sporting a Holland and Sherry Cloth from England by Suit It Up Manila.

Superstar Tom Rodriguez is an absolute showstopper in a suit jacket from the Holland and Sherry cloth from England by Suit It Up Manila

Nicole Guerrero rocked in a purple velvet suit by Suit It Up Manila

People felt great energy as they approached the club. Everyone was so welcoming. Outside the club, there was a glamorous Photo Wall where you could get your photographs taken in your best suit. Guests are received by the very accommodating Suit it Up Manila Team who issued the most exquisite lapel pins shaped like a Bowtie and a Raffle stubs to give guests a chance to win one of three bespoke suits from Holland & Sherry, Vitale Barberis Canonico and Officine Paladino, Suit Social’s Official Fabric Partners.

Holland and Sherry’s Asian Regional Director Josh Lane and Friends

NJBHAGWAN’s boss Vishal Advani during Suit Social

(Left to Right) Suit It Up Manila’s COO, Franco Ongkingco, Christian Bautista and Kat Ramnani and DJ Tony Toni

Our host, DJ Tony Toni, behind the DJ’s booth

Our host, DJ Tony Toni during the Red Carpet

Suit It Up Manila’s COO Franco Ongkingco

With Suit it Up Manila’s COO Franco Ongkingco immediately greeted the guests, attendees, Media and Brand Partners as he explains, “I have always envisioned more and more Filipinos Suiting Up. We really want to create and identify reasons, places and experiences where one can wear a coat or suit in both casual and formal settings. That is #TheSuititUpLife. To look good, feel good as well as to provide a platform for selfexpression that resonates to all.”

It was a sight to behold knowing that so many clients, friends and partners in the industry have come to support Suit Social and Suit It Up Manila. Among them were Bride and Breakfast, Chinoy TV , Manila Bulletin , Garage Magazine , MEGA Man , Lifestyle Asia , Bluprint Magazine , WheninManila.com

Our Official Luxury Garment Care Partner: Charmaine Ang and the Team of REVIVA Philippines

Our Official Media Partner Alvin Tan of Chinoy TV

Our Official Wedding Blog Partner, Ian and Janna Simpao of Bride and Breakfast

Our Official Media Partner: Dominic Galeon of Manila Bulletin and Garage Magazine Team

Our Official Media Wedding Blog Partner Janna Simpao and Daniela Gamboa of Bride and Breakfast

Our Official Media Partner, WheninManila.com

Our Official Media Partner, One Mega Group – Lifestyle Asia, MEGA Man and Bluprint Magazine
(left to right): Abby Laurel, Nikki Chan-Ongkingco, Franco Ongkingco, Marje Davantes, Daniel Reyes

The event was hosted by the dashing DJ Tony Toni in his bespoke super fine worsted wool raspberry snake skin tuxedo by Suit it Up Manila in Holland & Sherry Masquerade cloth.

Suit it Up Manila dressed over thirty celebrities, personalities and business luminaries during the evening from singer Christian Bautista and his wife Kat Ramnani as well as singing sensation Kiana Valenciano to Superstar Actors Arjo Atayde and Tom Rodriguez. Captains of industry like Steve Mago with celebrity wife Pia Guanio Mago and Intermed Marketing Philippines boss, Toda Meneses, wedding industry leaders like Jason Magbanua, Pat Dy, Kutchie Zaldarriaga and Christian Jay Bona of Merry to Marry were all in full support of Suit Social. Celebrity Stylists Pam Quinones and Maita Baello of Qurator studios were also suited up in the latest loose fitting ensembles in line with the current lines of European fashion houses Chanel, Gucci and Ermenegildo Zegna.

A few minutes past 12 midnight, Franco is called up on stage by DJ Tony Toni to thank everyone who Suited Up during the evening, invites everyone to a bigger and better Suit Social 2020 and utters the famous last words “Let’s get this Party Started!” which lead to a synchronous blast of gold confetti and a parade of champagne and fireworks to the tune of Bruno Mars 24k Magic which everyone at the club went crazy over.

We partied to the break of dawn with sick beats from DJ Martin Pulgar, DJ Luane & DJ Adrian Cob in such epic fashion!

DJ Luane rocking the night!

DJ Adrian Cob looking like a beast during Suit Social

Overall, the night was fun, casual, authentic and elegant as everyone was suited up in their own definition of the #TheSuitItUpLife. Suit Social was inclusive, in that you didn’t feel judged for what you wore but rather inspired by the way people dressed around you which gave you the confidence that you belonged and that at least for one night you can wear your favorite jacket and dance the night away with like minded people for a cause.

Be in the know of who and what the stars we’re wearing during Suit Social, click here to find out more!

Raymond Ronquillio of R33 Car Exchange lives #thesuitituplife with Grit & Determination. He serves as an inspiration to others because of his passion to achieve his dreams and lift up others in the process.

Owning and operating a luxury car dealership requires a lot of confidence and resourcefulness which Raymond possesses as he started slow and steady at first but has now become a household name in the industry.

You cant not know Raymond if you are buying a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Rolls Royce. He is very open and direct to the point. He has great instincts when it comes to his clients and he knows a sale when he sees one.

He walks in a room with confidence. Its not arrogance or pride. He has been doing this for so long that he has become fearless in his dealings and knows the ins and outs of what needs to be done.

A successful man must dress the part to fit the Lifestyle he aims to achieve and to command respect from the people he deals with day in and day out. Suit it Up Manila believes Raymond is one of the best influencers the embodies #thesuitituplife - an ideology based on suiting up in formal and casual settings as a way of self expression that resonates with all.

A Man in his position needs to present his best self. Looking Good is a Strategy as much as a venue for Self-Expression. Having your very own Bespoke Suit serves this very purpose. “When one looks good, He performs at his best.”

Suit It Up Manila partnered with Dormeuil which has produced luxury suiting fabric since 1842 rooted in England and Paris. Our objective, to create and highlight the construction of handcrafted suits by Filipino artisans combined with the distinct patterns, colours and qualities from Dormeuil cloth. Three carefully created looks were made in line with Raymond Ronquillo’s lifestyle in mind. Raymond’s Life as an Entrepreneur, Pilot and Jetsetter requires him to Suit Up and be Comfortable as well which is why his first two looks depict a more laid back approach to suiting. By mixing a suit jacket with chinos or khakis, one is able to pull of a more casual vibe without being over the top. The last look is a necessity for men of men for his stature. A three piece suit will make you stand out in any formal occasion or setting. The double breasted waistcoat (vest) is a key element to this package as it elevates your typical suit with an added touch of personality.

Look #1:

look #1
look #1
look #1

Stand Up. Suit Up. Step Up. Failures are the fuel to our fire. We win or we learn. If you want to succeed in life, you have to be willing to take the risks and roll with the punches like Raymond Ronquillo. Determination, perseverance and hard work will never fail you. Suited in 100% Worsted Wool from the Amadeus 365’s Luxury Cloth Collection by @dormeuil1842. Imperative for the Modern Gentleman’s Capsule Wardrobe, ideal to be worn all-year round.

Look #2:

Look #2
Look #2
Look #2

Nothing says I have arrived than a man in Cosmos, the Newest Luxury Cloth Collection by @dormeuil1842. With its blend of three of the outstanding combinations of Fibers, Wool and Silk (75% Worsted Wool, 15% Silk, 10% Linen) - this lightweight Collection comes in a variety of striking colors and wide range of patterns.

Look #3:

Look #3
Look #3
Look #3

Fall in love with the luxurious Suit and its detailed handiwork by the talented men of Suit It Up Manila using Dormeuil’s (@dormeuil1842) 100% Worsted Wool from the Amadeus 365 Collection. One of the fabric’s secrets lies in the use of innovative compact thread milled in England. The highly precise weave results in a Finer, Smoother and Luxurious Feel.

Can’t get enough of #TheSuitItUpLife – watch #TheSuitItUpLife (Extended Version):

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