Brief History on Tuxedos
Tuxedo or more commonly known as the “Tux’ is usually worn during Formal and Black Tie Events, this garment has been a staple based on history. It started during 1865 by the trendsetter Prince Edward VIII as a substitute to the Tailcoat, around this period black and shawl collared Tuxedo Jacket was very popular often partnered with white accessories accents. By the 20th century, Tuxedos have taken America by storm because millionaire James Brown Potter wore it during a party. Around the World War I (1930s) era, the black tie went on to be come popular. It was documented that the Double Breasted Tuxedo Jacket caught on during this time. By 1940s, Suits got all the attention it was said men preferred wearing Suits when going out at night.

Fast forward to early 2000s; Business Casual Suits dominated the dress code from the workplace to formal events, often pairing shiny black Suits with matching Ties. Once we’ve entered the 2010s, we’ve been seeing more and more young men preferring to wear tuxedos on multiple auctions. Recently, Midnight Blue Tuxedos have become more and more popular.

With Tuxedos, Suit It Up Manila recommends wearing it during Black Tie, Formal or Semi-Formal Events as well as Weddings, envision and create your custom-made Tuxedo right here in Suit It Up Manila. Send in a message so we can send you a proposed quotation.



Brief History on Suits
Suits are considered as the ‘timeless dress’ for every man. With a hundreds of years of history, Suits have always been dynamic constantly evolving. Beau Brummell, the dandy and Suit Pioneer, initially conceptualised it during its earlier days - he managed to introduce well-fitted and structured bespoke suits in replacement of foppish styled-garments. By 1920’s, “men wore short lounge coats with wide, straight-legged cuff trousers.” Around the 1950’s, the Brooks Brothers made the Sack Suit popular – a natural shoulder single-breasted suit jacket. Fast-forward to the 2000s, Suit made headway in every man’s closet – a twobuttoned blazer and matching trousers have been made a staple to every man’s wardrobe for professional and personal purposes.

Suit It Up Manila believes that a Suit is for every occasion, especially Formal or Semi-Formal Events, Weddings and International Affairs. Here at Suit It Up Manila, we consider Bespoke Tailored Suits more than just pieces of clothing - they are modern-day armours, tools of character and a celebration of art and craftsmanship. Having the Suit of your dreams is one step away.

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Notch Lapel Suit

A Notch Lapel is traditional and conservative, it is "characterised by a concave notch where the fabric from the lapels meet the fabric from the collar."

Peak Lapel Suit

A Peak Lapel is the middle-ground between a formal and informal look, "the peak lapel juts out with an extended, triangular point that reaches upwards towards the shoulder."

Shawl Lapel Suit

A Shawl Lapel is the most formal of them all, commonly used in tuxedos and formal dinner jackets. A Shawl Lapel "has no notch, no peak, but is a continuous strip of fabric running from lapel to collar to lapel, and only tapering off when it finally hits the button closure."

Double Breasted Suit

A Double Breasted Suit Jacket has a broad and overlapping front flap which has two symmetrical columns of either 4-6-8 buttons, the following is commonly paired with Peak or Shawl Lapels.



Brief History on Barong
The Barong Tagalog or commonly known as the “Baro or Barong” is considered as the National Costume of the Philippines. The garment is usually handwoven or hand embroidered. It has a rich and dynamic history; during the 1900s the Barong had a “small collar and embroidery all-over”.

Many years later, it was then made popular by President Ramon Magsaysay whenever he had a chance to wear it during his inauguration and state affairs. The Barong is made from an assortment of materials, one of which is the Pina Callado that takes six (6) months to make in the Quezon Province and another material is the Classic Pina and Pina-Jusi which is made out of pineapple silk.

Suit It Up Manila believes that a Barong is an essential attire that we as Filipinos, have a duty to keep alive. Book a consultation with us today, we’ve got locations in Makati and Megamall or send us an inquiry today.

The Coat Barong
The Coat Barong is Suit It Up Manila's modern take on the classic Barong featuring the use of the Pina Fabric in creating a Suit Jacket.



Brief History on Waistcoats
Waistcoats or more commonly known as the Vests are meant to be worn over a shirt or underneath a Suit or Coat Jacket. During the Great Plague and Great Fire, King Charles II recommended that they swap their coats for waistcoats which is a more humble attire during that time, as the initial designs of the Vest were at knee-length similar to a coat’s suit.

Nowadays, Waistcoats are often seen as additional accents or worn separately by Men and Women in business or those in a conservative profession who aim to achieve a more formal and proper look for their events. Another reason why some women and men chose to add this accent in their look is to practice their individual sense of style.
With the Waistcoats, Suit It Up Manila recommends wearing it during Formal Events, Weddings, International Affairs and Corporate Events. Envision and create your custom-made Waistcoat right here in Suit It Up Manila. Send in a message so we can send you a proposed quotation.


Men's Accessories

Suit it Up Manila offers a wide range of Men’s Accessories from Neckties, Pocket Squares, Cufflinks & Lapel Pins.

The Necktie is vital part of setting your look. Designs can vary from Solids to Patterns; Fabrics can differ from Silk to Linen. When choosing your Necktie color coordination is key. When you’ve got a Black, Gray or Blue suit, neckties with pattern and/or texture helps enhance your look. When you wear plaid, and check suits, it is preferred to wear solid colored neckties.

Pocket Squares
Add a pop of color with pocket squares You can express more of your personality through the colors and prints you choose. With or without a necktie the pocket square can elevate your suit game. There are also many ways of folding your pocket square to give you the look you desire.

Cuff Links
Cufflinks are a type of jewelry “that are used to secure the cuffs of dress shirts.” Commonly worn on formal and business occasions, cufflinks provide an elevated sense of style compared to its traditional button up counterpart. There are so many kinds and designs of cufflinks to choose from.

Lapel Pins
Lapel Pins, are placed at the lapel of your suit jacket. The design varies from simple and minimalistic to adventurous and bold.


Shoes and Watches